“By the end of 2007 we will have donated over $55,000 in advertising space to local charities”, says Cory Billings. Billings, VP of Valhalla Holdings, a Phoenix publisher of community magazines. Billings describes this kind of donation as “allowing” instead of giving. “We allow local charities to showcase, to promote the need they are fulfilling, and to expose them to 10′s of thousands of their neighbors”, says Billings.
Since it its founding in 2003, Valhalla has made a commitment, that as a company, it would be a leader in community publishing and to giving back to the community at large. “We understand that growing community awareness for local charities is very difficult, we have the resources and the ability to get the word
out. So, we help every charity that we can.”
If you are a charity and would like some free publicity you can contact Valhalla at 480-634-1708.
Valhalla Holdings is the largest publisher of community magazinesc in Arizona. With its 9 individual community magazines, Valhalla delivers to over 35,000 homes in
the Phoenix area. The communities are some of the most exclusive in the Valley, including the Foothills, Ocotillo, and Scottsdale Ranch.