Delivering Solid Readership

There is a huge leap between merely circulating a magazine and actually having it read, trusted, respected, reread, and saved. Are the publications you entrust with your company’s message actually read and trusted or are they little more than “physical spam” meriting little more than a fast glance on the path from mailbox to trash can?

There is no magic formula or secret to delivering advertising value. It is quite simple. When a magazine delivers solid readership it cannot help but to deliver solid advertising effectiveness. Period.

Your Ad Is Seen By Your Prospects

Valhalla Community Magazines are the only publications that are delivered to 100% of the people in the community and where the content is 100% about them. No other magazine, newspaper or direct marketing piece can make that claim. And this is why Valhalla Community Magazines are your most effective advertising choice.

Your ad in our magazines is seen. It is surrounded by articles that are read. That are saved. That are shared. Your sales message appears in an environment that is respected and trusted.

The Optimum Setting For Your Ad

There simply is no better total environment to showcase your business than in Valhalla Community Magazines. We have earned the reputation — and continue to earn it every month — as the most trusted “go to place” for community information.

Growing Your Business All Year Long

You can plan your advertising strategy in Valhalla Community Magazines confidently; secure in the knowledge that we will be there to meet your advertising needs today, next year, and well into the future. Valhalla Community Magazines is part of Valhalla Holdings, the leader in community magazine publishing in the greater Phoenix area. The commitment to producing quality community magazines is the very foundation of our firm’s business.
The Bottom Line — Building Your Business

We are here to put together flexible, affordable, effective advertising programs in good times and challenging times. Call us to explore how we can help you build your business whether you are looking for a single ad or a full-schedule strategy.

Advertise well,

Craig Haugo
Founder and President, Valhalla Community Magazines