Written by Nicole McConville, Community Relations Coordinator

This is an article written to all of the homeowners in the Scottsdale Ranch Community, by the
Community Relations Coordinator.

The most effective method for communicating with the 3,938 units and over 11,000 residents of Scottsdale Ranch has proved to be the SRCA

magazine. Released every two months,

each magazine issue includes all of the essential information about the Ranch, from association updates, Board briefs, architectural guideline reminders, events and programs, and even news about the local community. It is an excellent communication vehicle for our association and the quality of this product only continues to improve.

The content of each magazine is formatted and printed by the talented company, Valhalla Holdings, who specializes in association publications. The cost of this production is funded through its advertisers, for without them none of this would be possible. SRCA remains responsible for the cost of delivery only. This has been a significant cost savings for SRCA, while at the same time, improved the quality of our publication. We continue to be proud of the quality of our magazine and hope that all of our residents take advantage of this excellent resource.

As the coordinator, writer, editor and

photographer for the SRCA magazine, I have taken great pride in developing this product month after month. I continue to strive to increase our reader’s interest and keep the residents of this community attuned to all of the Ranch news. I am thankful to have such a wonderful team of contributors, my chief editor, our Executive Director, Kathe Barnes, the SRCA Communications Committee, and the many SRCA staff and local amenities personnel and volunteers who kindly submit articles and continue to keep us all updated. We are looking forward to another successful year and the continued enhancement of all of our communication efforts. Your comments and suggestions are always